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Tricky Snake Toy

Tricky Snake Toy

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1. Size: length 38CM, height 2CM, width 3CM

2. Features: forward, left and right turn, stop, retractable tongue, tail swing

3. Use battery: the snake-shaped remote control uses a 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery (this product has a USB interface, and the bottom of the rattlesnake head is connected to the power supply for charging)

The remote control uses 3 1.5VAG13# non-rechargeable batteries (included with this product) and no screwdriver.

4. Charging time: 40 minutes

5. Charging method: USB charging

6. Play time: ≥15 minutes

7. Remote control distance: ≥10 meters

Cobra (black and gray): 12 button batteries + USB charging cable + tools-electric remote control version

Packing list:

1 * Snake toy

1 *Remote control

1 * USB charging cable

1 * 3 x button battery


1. Turn on the bottom rattlesnake (under the head) switch.

2. Install the battery on the remote control, then turn on the switch to control the rattlesnake and crawl around.

3. 3 different game frequencies.


Do not play with your ears, as this can cause hearing loss. When the snake is moving, do not put your fingers or other things into the snake-shaped gap.

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